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All true to our motto: We bring projects to Life - with Style


And we're currently developing a new website. While we're working on it, enjoy this glimpse into our various projects and read what our clients have been saying until the new website is up and running. 

Thank You

“I have no doubt that the expertise and experience you brought to the planning and execution of the festival were critical elements in its success. The Department of Public Information is always pleased to enter into partnerships with committed, consummate professionals and you have proven that you are such a partner.” 

            Shashi Tharoor, Under-Secretary General for Communications and Public Information, United Nations


“You and your team perfectly understood and implemented our extraordinary wishes and demands for luxury and perfection.”

            Katrin Wehmhöner, Bugatti Automobiles


“You demonstrated a level of ownership of the project and resourcefulness to get things done that was truly superior.” 

            Nancy Campbell, Kraft Foods


“Thank you for your contribution in creating a wonderful presentation for the Virginia Slims Opinion Poll.”

            Billie Jean King, World Team Tennis


“I would like to thank you once again for your exceptional work and support for our presentation at the PRINT 01. Especially the American ways of production as well as the special situation with unions always created new challenges for us that we were able to solve especially with your support and advice. Your level of quality as well as those of your team members contributed greatly to the success of the project.


The happenings of September 11th that surprised us during the trade show, hit all of us hard. Especially for you as a New Yorker this time was not easy. And yet neither you nor your team members lost their professionalism at any given moment. We greatly respect you for that. We are happy to have found with you and your company Lifestyle a competent and highly professional partner. “You deliver” as the Americans say.” 

            Tom Schubert, Atelier Markgraph, Germany


“Well done – you have even managed to make staid businessmen talk quite interestingly.”
            Tim Harris, CEO, P&O Containers


“I hired Corinna to conduct a presentation skill building workshop for my sales team at About.com. Corinna did an outstanding job of coaching the team in a day-long workshop. Corinna was a pleasure to work with and the team really appreciated her comments and constructive criticism. I highly recommend Corinna; she is very experienced in corporate communications and presentation coaching and she is a seasoned professional.”

            Sheryl Goldstein, About.com


“I worked with Corinna at different projects to promote German states and institutes in the US. Corinna provides us with very good and detailed information, gave us good strategic advice and prepared and organized all promotion actions with great success.”

            Bernd Linke, Bremen Economic Development Agency


“Volkswagen had an impressive presentation at the North American Auto Show in Detroit. We reached our audience and certainly left a memorable impression. That this succeeded we owe especially to your personal engagement.”

            H. Nathow and H.-J. Michaelis, Volkwagen Germany

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