Corinna Sager is a multi-lingual, award winning director/producer/writer and public speaking coach. She is the Owner and President of Lifestyle International, a communications agency for corporate communications, TV/video productions, and live events. She has directed and produced in many countries around the world including most of Europe, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Singapore, Brazil, China, Russia, South Africa, and even Togo.


Ms. Sager’s extensive international experience enables her to offer tailored solutions for her clients and detailed understanding of the challenges of communicating in different cultures. 


Corinna Sager’s expertise in all aspects of written and visual communications, combined with her very diverse background, allows her to offer her clients exceptional service in developing communications strategies. Image and marketing films, documentaries, new product launches, investment presentations, PR events, national sales meetings, luxury client events, trade shows or internal training seminars are all part of Ms. Sager’s repertoire  - as is coaching managers and executives in public speaking for live presentations or the camera.


In fact, in 2010 Pace University asked Ms. Sager to join their prestigious roster of professors to teach “Effective Speaking”, “International Communications” and “Event Design” for its newly developed Masters in Media, Communications & Visual Arts.


Corinna Sager was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany. After her baccalaureate she attended the top finishing school in Switzerland, Villa Pierrfeu in Montreux, where she learned about etiquette, protocol and savoir vivre in different cultures; spent a semester at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City; and went on to study Theater at the University of Miami, where she graduated with a BFA cum laude.


Prior to founding Lifestyle International in New York City, Ms. Sager worked for a variety of different companies greatly expanding her expertise of all things visual: the Greater Miami Opera, the German television network NDR, the film studio Studio Hamburg, and the multi-media event company Film & Technik AV.


Many of the corporate films and documentaries produced by Lifestyle International and Ms. Sager have won awards, such as the Go;d Hermes Media Award, the Silver Golden Reel Award and the Bronze Telly among others. Ms. Sager also co-produced the short documentary "Ferry Tales", which was nominated for the 2004 Academy Award. 



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